Monday, March 5, 2012

(Deal is over!) *FREE Colgate toothpaste @ Walgreens this week!!!

Freakinnnn' AWESOME Deal right here! Ok walk into Walgreens go to the Oral products aile. Grab one Colgate Advanced Toothpaste thats on sale for $3.00  pay for it then a $3.00 reward will come out with receipt. Then grab another toothpaste & give them the $3.00 register reward a.k.a RR that just came out & all you will be paying for is tax.Remember the key is one toothpaste transaction at a time. Keep rolling your rewards baby & Have fun dolls. xoxo


  1. I thought if you use a register reward for the same item you stop the r.r from coming out hmm it would be awesome if not...maybe its just where I live idk

    1. That's usually the case but w/ the Toothpaste deal it kept kicking out $3.00 RR. So it made it a awesome rolling reward. I don't know how long it will last. Try it if you'd like doll. It worked for me.